2022 Budget Season is Here!


There is a Metro Council Meeting tonight at 6:30 pm. An agenda has been provided and you can watch the meeting live via channel 3 or stream live on your electronic devices. Also, please do not respond to this email... You can reach me at [email protected].

Metro Budget Season is Upon Us

As you know, each year the council is presented with a proposed budget from the mayor and we decide to vote for, down, or amend the proposed budget. At the first meeting in June each year, we host a public hearing, allowing us to listen to budget concerns from constituents. 

In April of every year, we host budget hearings, this allows council members and community members to hear the budgeting priorities from each department. Following the budget hearings, the mayor has until the end of April to present their budget to the city council. Once the council receives the proposed budget, we will host open meetings to discuss amendments which will add or remove items from the mayor's proposed budget - this all happens throughout the month of May. In June, at the first meeting, we will host a public hearing that allows for residents to share their input.

A few weeks ago, we passed a resolution to host a special session at tonight's council meeting for public input of the annual budget. This will allow residents to share their input on the budget prior to the Metro Department Budget Hearings in April and the creation of the mayors proposed budget. 


To report potholes dial 3-1-1 or visit hub.nashville.gov. This is the quickest and most efficient way to escalate the maintenance of our roadways. If it is a State route, it may take more time to respond, TDOT will manage any State routes. NDOT will respond and send your request to TDOT directly.

TriStar Community Day

Centennial Park Civil Rights Marker 

What's Happening Tonight

23. BL2022-1163 An ordinance amending Chapter 2.213 of the Metropolitan Code to create a funding mechanism to support the implementation of the Inclusionary Housing Incentive program.

66. BL2022-1117 An ordinance authorizing the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, acting by and through the Metropolitan Department of Water and Sewerage Services, hereinafter known as "METRO", to enter into an agreement with Bancroft O'Quinn, Jr., hereinafter known as "DEVELOPER", to provide improved public sanitary sewer service through the construction of an improved storm water system (Project No. SWGR 202136580 and Proposal Number 2022M-004AG-001).

Dates to Remember

  • Buchanan St. Businesses and two Rezoning Requests - Community Meeting (We have invited Buchanan Street Business to discuss noise, parking, and litter concerns with residents in the area. We have also invited two organizations that would like to apply Neighborhood Landmark designations on two churches - one on 10th Ave N and Clay and the other at 14th Ave N and Buchanan)
    • Thursday, March 17
    • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    • North Nashville Police Precinct | 2231 26th Ave N
  • Cumberland Gardens Community Meeting
    • RE: Traffic Calming & Conservation Overlay Conversation
    • Thursday, April 7
    • 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
    • St. Luke CME Church | 2008 Ed Temple Blvd. 

Lets Connect:

I invite all District 21 residents to reach out to me directly with any information or concerns in our community. Email is the best form of communication, but invite you to call me as well. My contact information is below.

Contact information: Email - [email protected] / Phone: 615.946.9700

Best regards,




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