Live Together in Peace - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


There is a Metro Council Meeting tonight at 6:30 pm. An agenda has been provided and you can watch the meeting live via channel 3 or stream live on your electronic devices. Also, please do not respond to this email... You can reach me at [email protected].


Live together in peace... This is an brief snippet of Dr. King's speech while accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. In this speech he explains how we, as humans, have to work together for the greater good. That working together in peace is the only way we will find peace in our communities, states, and country.

"...After contemplation, I conclude that this award which I receive on behalf of that movement is a profound recognition that nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral question of our time – the need for man to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to violence and oppression. Civilization and violence are antithetical concepts. Negroes of the United States, following the people of India, have demonstrated that nonviolence is not sterile passivity, but a powerful moral force which makes for social transformation. Sooner or later all the people of the world will have to discover a way to live together in peace, and thereby transform this pending cosmic elegy into a creative psalm of brotherhood. If this is to be achieved, man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love..."

COVID-19 Update:

Click the picture below to see the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 in Nashville. Our confirmed positive cases are seemingly dropping.

The CDC recommends all people 18 and older receive a booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. For those who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, boosters can be administered as early as six months after the second dose was administered. For those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a booster dose can be administered as early as two months after the initial dose was administered. Boosters of the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccine are available at the drive-thru sites and pop-up community vaccination events. Moderna will not be available. There is an ample supply of all three types of vaccine across our community. Visit to find locations where each is being offered.

Click the image below for up-to-date hours of operation for booster and testing sites.

Metro Waste Collection:

Curbside recycling is still suspended. 

What's Happening Tonight

RS2020-1348 - I've sponsored a Resolution honoring the life of Mr. Yusef Harris.

BL2021-961 This ordinance, as amended, amends Section 13.08.080 of the Metropolitan Code to provide for and regulate the usage of license plate reader (LPR) technology. The Code currently prohibits the operation of LPRs installed onto or within the public right-of-way except for use in conjunction with a vehicle emissions sensor as part of an emissions inspection program authorized under local, state or federal law. This ordinance would replace the provisions of subsection G. of Section 13.08.080 entirely. The ordinance preserves the existing emissions inspection program exception, and adds a new comprehensive regulatory structure for other uses of LPR technology.

BL2021-1055 An ordinance providing the honorary street name designation of "Charles Dungey Way" for a portion of 40th Avenue North.

Dates to Remember

  • College Hill Rezone Request Meeting
    • Sunday, January 23
    • 6:30 pm
    • Location: Zoom Call - Link to be sent in follow up email.
  • Cumberland Gardens Community Meeting
    • Organizing a Community Group
    • Contextual Overlay
      • Tuesday, January 25
      • 6:00 pm
      • Location: St. Luke CME Church
  • 23rd Ave N Traffic Calming Meeting
    • Saturday, January 29
    • 9:00 am TIME CHANGE
    • Location: New Covenant Christian Church - 2201 Osage
    • Zoom Call Link Here
  • Clay St./15th and 16th Aves N Traffic Calming Meeting
    • Saturday, January 29
    • 10:30 am TIME CHANGE
    • Location: New Covenant Christian Church - 2201 Osage
    • Zoom Call Link Here

Lets Connect:

I invite all District 21 residents to reach out to me directly with any information or concerns in our community. Email is the best form of communication, but invite you to call me as well. My contact information is below.

Contact information: Email - [email protected] / Phone: 615.946.9700

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