Mayor's Capital Spending Plan


There is a Metro Council Meeting tonight at 6:00 pm… An agenda has been provided, and you can watch the meeting live via channel 3 or stream live on your electronic devices. Also, please do not respond to this email... You can reach me at [email protected].

Metro Capital Spending Plan

The Mayor's $474,610,000 Capital Spending Plan has been introduced to the Metro Council, you can view it here. Metro Schools and a Transportation Plan lead the way with several investments. A new high school in Bellvue ($100M), $62M in HVAC upgrades for better ventilation in Metro Schools, $15M added to the traffic calming budget, an additional $15M for roadway restorations, we have $30M in paving, $11M is slated for sidewalk additions and improvements, and $20M in stormwater improvements - these are a few of the highlights in the Capital Spending Plan.

I'd also like to highlight a $2M Participatory Budgeting Pilot for North Nashville infrastructure. This pilot will allow local residents an opportunity to decide where and how the $2M will be spent in North Nashville. participatory budgeting is a practice that allows the people to decide, directly, how the funds will be invested in the community.

Please be sure to take time to think of Capital Improvements your immediate community needs. Each October, I create a Capital Improvements Budget and work with the mayor's office to be sure your voice is heard when the Capital Spending Plan is created.

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What I've Been Up To:

  • On Monday, February 22, I am hosting a meeting to discuss License Plate Readers with the District. I want to hear directly from you what your thoughts are as we proceed through the legislation in the coming months.
  • I will be on a ride-along with Public Works to share areas that drastically need Traffic Calming measures in place. If you have any areas that need traffic calming please email me directly.
  • ShotSpotter: I am still working to add ShotSpotter in areas with high gun violence throughout the District.
  • Sidewalks along 31st Ave N - I have been working to get sidewalks on 31st Ave N near Centennial Park -  This area has high foot traffic and sidewalks are a much-needed upgrade.
  • Exit/In is for sale... The property owner has listed the long-time Rock Block venue for sale. I am working to preserve the history in Nashville, and this is an extremely historic site in our great city. Read this story to learn how you can help.

What's Happening Tomorrow Night

RS2021-757 -This resolution authorizes the issuance of up to $474,610,000 in general obligation bonds to provide funding for various projects contained in the Mayor’s proposed capital spending plan.

RS2021-771 -This resolution authorizes Midtown Hotel Partners, LLC to install and maintain an aerial encroachment at 109 29th Avenue North. The aerial encroachment will consist of two awnings over the sidewalk. The applicant must indemnify the Metropolitan Government from all claims in connection with the construction and maintenance of the signs, and is required to post a certificate of public liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 with the Metropolitan clerk naming the Metropolitan Government as an insured party.

BL2020-534 -An ordinance to require a debt report from the Director of Finance each time a capital spending plan is filed containing specific information about the impact the capital spending plan will have on the Metropolitan Government’s debt levels.

BL2020-586 -An ordinance directing that certain actions be taken regarding the preservation of the licensed beds at the Bordeaux Long Term Care facility and appraisals of the Bordeaux Long Term Care and J.B. Knowles Home Assisted Living facilities, and requesting the creation of a long term plan for the J.B. Knowles Home facility.

Dates to remember:

  • Monday, February 22, 2021 - 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm - District 21 Town Hall on License Plate Readers - Click here to join the meeting
  • Rezoning Meeting for Tomorrow's Hope and College Hill Communities: Monday, March 8, 2021 - Time TBD (Evening) - Video Conference and Call-In Information to come.

Lets Connect:

I invite all District 21 residents to reach out to me directly with any information or concerns in our community. Email is the best form of communication, but invite you to call me as well. My contact information is below.

Contact information: Email - [email protected] / Phone: 615.946.9700

Best regards,



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